How to Prevent Basement Flooding

Water damage is a common problem for basements, especially in the Northeast. Taking the proper steps in order to prevent flooding in your basement is essential. The waterproofing experts at Rhino Waterproofing Solutions are here to help with three ways that you can protect your basement from future water damage. If damage has already occurred, don’t hesitate to contact us to resolve the current issue and prevent future damage from occurring!

Basement Waterproofing

WaterproofingWaterproofing is the best and most effective way to prevent future flood damage to your basement. At Rhino Waterproofing, we offer two types of waterproofing services: Interior waterproofing and exterior waterproofing services. Depending on your situation and needs, a Rhino Waterproofing expert will assess which option is best suited for your situation. Interior and exterior waterproofing are somewhat similar in the execution and process of the job, but the results are the same: a sturdy frontline defense against any rain, snow or other water related occurrences that may have previously damaged your basement.

Sump Pump Installation

Making sure that your sump pump system is installed properly is crucial. Sump pumps are designed to collect groundwater from around the foundation and deposit it into a basin. However, if not properly installed, the water will overflow and eventually flood the basement of your home or commercial building. Another concern is that your sump pump may be outdated. Sump pumps are designed to last 10 years. If your sump pump is older than this, it is highly recommended that you considering having a new one installed.

Keep Gutters and Downspouts Clean

Even if your basement has been waterproofed, gutters or downspouts that are cluttered with leaves or other debris will increase the chance of your basement flooding. Although this is a key area of your home, its maintenance is often overlooked or neglected until it’s too late. If your home is surrounded by trees, your gutters and downspouts are even more prone to clogging, so be sure to keep an eye on them so you can avoid having to deal with a flooded basement.

Here at Rhino Waterproofing, we pride ourselves in helping all of our customers and providing them with the highest quality of service. Whether you’re looking to prevent basement flooding with a waterproofing service or need mold remediation after experiencing a flood in your home, give us a call at 484-996-3600 today so you can Sleep Tight Knowing It’s Rhino Right!