Whether you are experiencing frustrating cracks in the foundation of your home or are dealing with the stress of unwanted structural movement, the Rhino Waterproofing team can help! With our Foundation/Structural Repairs, our experienced professionals will not only repair any foundation issue you may be dealing with, but we will also return your home’s structure to its original integrity.

At Rhino Waterproofing, we know that a majority of homeowners in the Northeast have experienced cracks in their home’s foundation—cracks that can eventually cause frustrating water leaks after a snowstorm, heavy rain, accumulation of groundwater or rising of a high water table. The following are the most common foundation issues and causes:

Vertical Foundation Cracks

Typically the first sign that a foundation is in need of a repair. Vertical cracks occur as a result of shrinking that happens after the original pouring of a foundation. If caught early—and quickly treated by a Rhino Waterproofing technician—this type of repair is generally inexpensive and easy to fix.

Horizontal Foundation Cracks

A horizontal crack in your foundation occurs from the contraction and expansion of the ground and will only get worse over time if left untreated. To avoid costly repairs, call Rhino Waterproofing as soon as you see a horizontal crack in your foundation.

Structural Movement

Structural shifts in a home’s foundation occur when the ground and soil underneath it become unstable. Whether this instability occurs from poor compaction, weather or excessive dryness or wetness, structural movement can wreak havoc on your home. Contact a Rhino Waterproofing professional as soon as possible.

The Rhino Waterproofing Difference

What makes the foundation and structural repairs from Rhino Waterproofing different? By using the most innovative tools and technology in the industry, our foundation experts will accurately pinpoint the cause of the cracks or shifting in your foundation. We will then offer you customized solutions that will best solve these issues, saving you money—and stress—in the future.

Here at Rhino Waterproofing, we understand that seeing cracks or shifting in your foundation can be stressful. If you notice any type of cracks in your foundation—or if your foundation has shifted in any way—the team at Rhino Waterproofing will take care of it for you. Contact us today!

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