Deteriorating walls—especially older stone walls—can be a burden to many homeowners. Unlike with patching and painting the walls, which are tedious and temporary solutions, roughcasting is a permanent solution that helps homeowners avoid constant and repetitive maintenance.

The Rhino Process
Roughcasting is a multi-step process that begins with scraping and sanding the walls to ensure that they are as flat as possible. Next, a vapor barrier is applied to handle the moisture buildup from the outside. A galvanized wire mesh is then fastened over the vapor barrier. A double coating of mortar and concrete mix is applied over the wire mesh. Once dry, and all cracks are filled and touched up, a final finishing coat is applied and brushed to achieve an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Roughcasting typically takes approximately one month to ensure proper setting. After it is set, it can then be painted over.

To provide a permanent waterproofing solution, and to ensure that all of the moisture that comes through the wall is directed away from the home, it is also a good idea to finish a roughcasting job with an internal drainage system. With an internal drainage system, moisture will run into it, empty into the new sump pit and will then be pumped out and away from the house.

With this process, you can be ensured that your walls are free of moisture, that your basement stays dry and will prevent you from having to spend money in the future on unnecessary repairs.

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As soon as you notice moisture in your basement, it’s important to start treating your walls as soon as possible to keep your walls dry and prevent mold from growing. Under ideal conditions, it takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to germinate and grow. This can cause health hazards and other issues that can be detrimental to the condition of your home.

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